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It’s absolutely true that healthy pet food owes its integrity to the quality of ingredients used.  That’s why we offer only superiour Canadian-sourced ingredients.  Equally important, our manufacturer employs a procedure called “traceability of supply”, a methodology that defines source channels for ingredients, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and which is audited for accountability.

But more than quality ingredients are needed to make a good and healthy pet food.  To be clear, several manufacturers may receive the very same raw ingredients (as they often do) and yet, following the manufacturing process, the quality of food product that fills the bags at the end of the line – the food your pet consumes – may be very different from brand to brand (and it is).  Here’s another way of looking at it...

It’s very likely you’ll enjoy a great dinner if a reputable chef prepares it for you, especially if the meal is made in a clean, well-equipped restaurant sporting an impeccable record with food regulators.

And yet, picture the results if your high-grade steak and garden fresh vegetables are placed in the hands of a marginally talented cook, operating in a semi-clean restaurant, and one that relies upon an aging oven that has trouble holding a constant and consistent heat setting.

So beyond quality ingredients here’s what makes the difference in manufacturing...

It’s simple:  safe, nutritious, healthy, tasty, and highly digestible pet food delivers the emotional feeling and nutritional well being a companion animal needs and deserves to experience when eating food.

IMPORTANT DISTINCTION: Registration vs. Certification...

Registration means a company is aware of the requirements of a HACCP-based Plan.  Certification means that a company is not only knowledgeable of the Plan, but also that its facilities and operations are frequently monitored and documented to verify the Plan’s consistency and effectiveness.  

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an independent & impartial national organization that evaluates manufacturers to the standards of the World Health Organization and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, as well as the National and Provincial Food Safety Act.

The program proactively monitors traceability and recall programs, shipping and receiving procedures, chemical and allergen control programs, sanitation and pest control programs, facility and equipment cleanliness, sanitation procedures, safety measures for handling powdered, organic, and raw ingredients, and proper operating procedures, kitchen processing, packaging, and storage.

Our manufacturer is a Member of PFAC (Pet Food Association of Canada), working in concert with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure enhanced animal health safeguards such as the elimination of SRM’s (specified risk materials) in pet foods. Our manufacturer is also USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) compliant, the latter adhering to an inspection system based upon science and risk criteria; it is also EU (European Union) Category III Certified.

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