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- My dogs coat is much softer and shinier since switching to HB and her stool is firmer which makes for much easier pickup.    –Simon L.  Rural Alberta

 – I was worried that my dog might not like the food but when I mixed the food sample in with what I was currently feeding him, he picked out all the old food and only ate the HB food. I guess it’s safe to say that he likes it.
       – Amanda T.    Sherwood Park, AB           


 – My Newfoundlounder puppy was very lethargic and had very loose stools. After switching to HB, I have a happy and energetic puppy again. As well, her stool is back to being normal and healthy.   – Kelly C.  Sherwood Park, AB

 – I love my 3 dogs and I take great pride in what I feed them. Switching to HB has been a great decision. All 3 of my dogs love the food, and even my dog with a sensitive stomach has had no issues. We love the convenience and service that HB provides.    – Lisa J.    Sherwood Park, AB

 – Nothing was working for our dog. Every food we tried seemed to create another issue for our dog, until we found HB. She is loving the new food and we have no issues to report.        – Scott H.    Sherwood Park, AB

 – I never liked going to the pet store so when I heard about HB and the home delivery “at-your-door” service, I had to try it. Not only does my dog love the food, but I don’t have to worry about making that extra stop at the pet store anymore.          – Shannon B.    Edmonton, AB

 – I was buying low grade food for my cats. Tried a bag of HB and the cats loved it. Gave them the old food as I wanted to finish the bag and the cats stared at me wondering where the “good food” went? I sprinkled some HB on the old food and the cats attacked the food like they hadn’t been fed in a week. We will be buying HB food from now on.                                                – Nancy R.    Rural Alberta

 - We have a small dog and since going on HB food, we have noticed that his breath is much more pleasant than before.             – Yvonne F.   Devon, AB

 - We had noticed since going on HB that our dogs’ coat was much softer and shinier. Our neighbor came over and pet our dog, and he thought that his coat felt like a “soft bunny rabbit”.       – Kirsten B.  Edmonton, AB

- We completely ran out of dog food, and the pet store was closed. Called HB and they came to the rescue. Our dog had no issues transitioning to a new food and now we know with the HB service, we will never run out of food again.
      – Raelyn M.   Sherwood Park, AB  

- We had been feeding Tigger - Top Quality - Grain Free - for some 4 - 5 years. She is a 8 1/2 year old American Staffie that charges very hard on balls & sticks which as she has aged have produced stiff, sore limbs. I had been using "recovery' to help her out but she tended to be slower chasing the ball and always had a slight limp. Since I changed her to Homeward Bound Pet Food the change in her energy levels and noticeable lack of a limp is simply astonishing! All my friends have commented on the change in her and are looking to change their dogs food over. Tigger's coat is also very soft and absolutely no skin problems. I am completely sold on Homeward Bound and how it has improved Tigger's qaulity of life!

     - SB Victoria, BC

-Our Lab just turned 13 and since switching to Homeward Bound she's acting like a puppy again. It's making a huge difference with her arthritis.

    - Chris Scheetz

-My 12 year old lab was starting to slow down a little and suffering from joint problems. Since switching to Homeward Bound pet food, he has renewed energy and is now able jump in and out of the truck and onto the deck with no assistance.

    - Melanie S.

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